The short – I like fruit and veg, I like cooking fruit and veg, you should like fruit and veg too as they taste amazing and do good stuff for you. Plus I’m now growing them- come and join me.

The long – Living in a city can make it very easy to become disconnected from the food you eat. As a lover of fruit and vegetables I try to explore new ways of using them to liven up our busy work life meals. Trying to use them seasonably helps to connect me to the food, growing crops myself, buying them from the producers at the farmers markets or in my local box scheme when I can really helps with this too. This space allows me to take time out of the hectic and really consider ways to use our seasonal produce and share how I like to eat and garden.

If you find I am talking too much, why not follow me on instragram – all the pictures with fewer words. – https://instagram.com/fruitsrootsandshoots




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